Release note 09.05.16

This week, we have a few exciting features to announce! Please read on for more details. As always, don't hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any feedback.


Previously, we introduced file tagging on the visual interface to facilitate finding and organizing your data. We’ve now added support for interacting with tags via the API. Use the API to tag a set of files based on a cohort of patients, a molecular characteristic, or other attributes that you want to remember. You can edit and view these tags at any point in time. You can also filter files by their tags--much easier than paging through all the data you have in a project. Learn more about this feature from our documentation on the Seven Bridges Knowledge Center.


We've improved our developer documentation to include instructions on how to create and use Dockerfiles, which enables users to efficiently build images containing the tools they want to wrap for use on Cavatica. Check out our improved documentation and tutorial on our Seven Bridges Knowledge Center.